Low testosterone and low energy levels

One of the first symptoms of low testosterone levels maybe corresponding low energy levels. it might be that initially, you put your low energy levels down to a busy life or a hectic schedule, but sooner or later you notice that even if you have a good amount of rest you still feel tired and feel that you have no energy.

Let’s start with examining the relationship between low energy and low testosterone levels.  Testosterone is produced, in the main, by the testes and its primary function is to drive sexual desire.  it will also help to make sperm cells and maintain muscles and importantly in thinking about low energy, it is also responsible for generating that energy.  The ageing process will see a decline in testosterone levels and the figures are that you would expect to see a 1 to 2% decrease a year after a man reaches the age of 30. This is what we call the Andropause or male Menopause.  Although, as a person continues to age, a corresponding lessening in desire for sex and the ability to produce boundless energy decreases, it should not decrease to the point that a person can hardly muster the energy for their daily activities.

So is there anything that you can do to help combat low energy if you have low testosterone levels?  Thankfully yes there is. Here are some tips for boosting your energy.

First you could look at your lifestyle and see where you could make some changes that would have less of an impact on your energy levels. Pace yourself and do not take too much on at once.  Life can be hectic but organising things so that you are not always rushing or playing catch up can be very helpful.

See a doctor to check that there are no other underlying issues responsible for you feeling so fatigued.  Some of the conditions that may also make you feel fatigued would be, thyroid disease or sleep apnoea and some medication can make you feel tired and having little energy.  If you have any of these conditions addressing them may be useful or at least help to mitigate the effect of your low testosterone levels.

Sleep is a time when our bodies regenerate themselves and it’s also the time when testosterone is produced. If you are not sleeping well, or for long enough, then you are lessening the time available for testosterone to be produced. Make sure you follow the tips given in the chapter on insomnia and limit your intake of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarette smoking before bed and make sure that you are not using too much tech too close to bedtime.

You know the old phrase rubbish in – rubbish out, well that is very true where energy levels are concerned. Eating a healthy diet that is low in saturated fats and contains a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit, with smaller amounts of animal fat, will definitely help boost your energy levels.  If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation because drinking too many alcoholic drinks can cause you to feel fatigued and also have an impact on your liver which in turn will affect your testosterone levels. The old saying ‘everything in moderation’ is a good one to live by.

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression it’s important that you see your doctor to get advice or treatment on managing those conditions.  This is because being depressed or anxious can impact on your energy levels and there are connections between the development of depression or anxiety and low testosterone production.  People can have reservations about taking antidepressants because of the side effects they have and because of their potential for addiction. I would suggest you discuss this with your doctor and find a way to help with your anxiety or depression.

Once you have addressed any other underlying conditions such as depression, diabetes or obesity you may be given testosterone therapy.  There are different schools of thought about testosterone therapy because while treatment with testosterone can help levels return to normal and help with the felling of having no energy, some men don’t feel the benefit of it and will need to look for a different type of therapy that will help them.  It is possible to buy a testosterone supplement online, but I would not recommend this until you have seen a doctor with a keen interest in Mens Health as a first step.  One thing that is important to understand is that when testosterone is given as a supplement it will take over the production of testosterone in the body and will actor inhibit the testicles ability to carry out testosterone production.  Although thankfully this can be mitigated through the use of another medication, HCG.

It might also have the effect of impairing fertility, so men who want to go on and have children are not usually good candidates for testosterone therapy.

There is no doubt that there are ways to improve your testosterone levels and with that your energy levels. Testosterone therapy has been a lifeline for many men but following a healthy diet and a routine with moderate exercise will help with the fatigue and tiredness that you feel and boost your energy levels.  Cutting back on alcohol and stopping smoking will also be extremely beneficial.  Taking care of yourself will certainly be worth it and help you feel more energised.