Alphagenix Partners

We are committed to creating partnerships with other businesses that benefit the health and mental wellbeing of our clients and their families.

Scroll down to check out some of the amazing discounts and complimentary services you can receive as an Alphagenix patient.



  • Akea Life

    Akea Life

    Akea Life bring back the traditions of the doctor patient relationship with a modern twist. Based on home visits, online consultations, referrals, blood tests, second opinions and much more; ease of communication and familiarity of your GP. Alphagenix patients receive 10% off services from Akea Life.



    BON CHARGE offers optimised red light therapy devices, blue light blockers, cold therapy, EMF shielding and blackout sleep masks, all of which have been optimised to help you live a better life. Alphagenix patients receive a 15% discount on all eligible BON CHARGE purchases.

  • Leafyard


    Leafyard combine science and study to motivate people to take control of their own mental health. All Alphagenix patients receive a complimentary subscription to Leafyard's mobile app to help improve not just your physical health, but mental too.

  • SelfDecode


    SelfDecode helps you discover your genetic predispositions & provides personalised health suggestions based on your DNA & Lab results, with 78% of members seeing measurable health improvements. If you're an Alphagenix patient you benefit from a 10% discount.

  • DAM Health

    DAM Health

    DAM Health are the UK's leading provider of home & in-clinic testing services, allowing you to take control of your health through health tests, products and supplements. Become stronger, healthier, happier - and if you're an Alphagenix patient, you can do it with a 15% discount at DAM Health.

  • GlycanAge


    Whether you're looking for biohacking tips personalised to your body, or advice on improving your wellness and longevity, GlycanAge pair biological age testing with expert advice. Get 10% off if you're an Alphagenix patient.

  • Bioniq


    Bioniq offer tailor-made supplements made exclusively for you. Take a quiz or go a step further and receive a blood test to ensure you get the exact supplements your body requires for optimal performance. 15% off for Alphagenix patients.

  • LoveTuner


    Lovetuner is a revolutionary approach to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and arrive in the present moment, connecting your exhale with the power of the 528hz frequency. Buy yours today, with 10% off if you're an Alphagenix patient.

  • MyTwentyTwo


    The 'Mental Health Mushroom'. Improve your focus, mood and memory with organic lion's mane mushroom supplements from MyTwentyTwo. Receive a 20% if you're an Alphagenix patient.



    NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in all living organisms. It plays a vital role in energy balance, promotion, and enhancement of cells, among other functions. Get a 15% discount if you're an Alphagenix patient.

  • ExSeed


    Fast, accurate & discreet male fertility testing done from home. No need to visit a clinic. Improve the health of your sperm today with testing kits, supplements & lifestyle advice. Alphagenix patients receive a huge 20% discount on ExSeed testing kits.

  • The Good Prep

    The Good Prep

    The Good Prep offers expertly prepared, healthy meals to support your health, fitness or family goals. Personalised, nutrient-dense dishes made with locally sourced and never frozen ingredients, delivered directly to your door. Get a 25% discount on your first purchase if you're an Alphagenix patient.

  • ED Clinics

    ED Clinics

    Over 4.5 million men in the UK experience erectile problems. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not only a very common condition, it’s also usually quite easy to treat. ED Clinics provides shockwave therapy for ED which treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction quickly, painlessly, and without medication.

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