Alphagenix Testimonials

Dr Max Draper

Dr Max is a GP and a TRT specialist, he is our lead clinician at Alphagenix

He has also been on TRT himself for 2 years.

In this video he talks about how TRT through Alphagenix has benefitted him personally, and how important he views the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone.

You can follow him on his ‘Max your T’ podcast and Instagram page.

So I'm Max Draper. I'm a doctor, a GP, and a TRT doctor as well. I've been on TRT for nearly two years now, and I've been with Alphagenix for roughly a year of that. Feel a lot calmer in myself, a lot more stress resilient.

Just every aspect of my life is better, really. I feel like I'm a better husband, better dad, everything. So from the treatment options, from the monitoring, from the communication, everything's just been spot on. I think it's something that gets missed a lot in medicine.

People are going undiagnosed when they do have low testosterone. I think it can cause a lot of symptoms. The treatment is really good at resolving the symptoms often. Lastly, I would say what doesn't get appreciated as well is that low testosterone itself is linked to a lot of health conditions in long term if it's left, so it can lead to other problems.

So it's important to find out you've got it and get it appropriately managed. Before I went on treatment, I had a lot of issues with anxiety, quality of sleep. All of that even going with AlphaGenics is just to improve dramatically. So a lot of things has really absolutely life changing for me.

From very early on, I noticed an improvement, and it just keeps coming week after week.

Patient Video Testimonial

This video was very kindly done by one of our valued customers - thank you!

Find out how the Alphagenix plan has helped him - it could help you too.

You can read many reviews given by customers below, if you are an Alphagenix customer and you would like to submit a video or written testimonial to help inspire other men to follow in your footsteps and improve their lives then we'd love to hear from you.

TRT has been life changing for me. It feels like I'm twenty five again and my energy levels have skyrocketed. So before starting TRT treatment, I was really struggling with low moods, poor performance in the gym. I was very tired on an evening, waking up very tired in the morning.

Since I've started TRT, I can honestly say it's completely changed everything. I'm so grateful I found Alphagenix to carry out my TRT therapy. They were really helpful from the start. Thank you for putting me back under a path of giving me my youthful energy back.

I'm looking forward to carrying on my journey with Alphagenix

“I’m a veteran with PTSD and have been having CBT and other therapies for almost 8 years now (served in NI, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan). The main (and most startling) symptoms of my PTSD are n ...


There is simply no room for improvement with any part of the service from Alphagenix. From the start you are treated above and beyond, I can not recommend this company enough, 10/10.


Simply the best private TRT company in the UK. From my account manager (Saskia) to my consultant physician (Dr Draper) the company is a revelation – professional, attentive, and friendly. I am very gla ...


I’ve been with Alphagenix for about a year now and what a year it has been. I had been on TRT with a different company before joining Alphagenix and they had me on a dangerously high dose of TRT. After my ...


The whole process was easy, professional and friendly. The turn-around for the result and the follow-up consultation was very fast too. The Dr who reviewed my bloods and markers was great as it was explained ...


Fantastic, detailed, personalised service and 121 care. The team at Alphagenix are invested in the health and success of their patients. They are on another level compared to other TRT services.


Alphagenix has truly been a life-changing experience for me. Their testosterone replacement treatment has made a significant impact on my overall well-being. Before starting their program, I was struggling w ...


Since becoming a patient of Alphagenix, I have experienced a night and day difference. As a result of my treatment, I have a great deal of energy, libido, and focus, which I was severely lacking before start ...


Everything was fantastic with Alphagenix, from the speed of the processs to the updates. My zoom call about my blood test results was also brilliant. The practitioner was very friendly and knowledgeable and ...


The team at Alphagenix are truly amazing with their ability to explain my blood test results in plain English that I can comprehend. Taking into account my results both from blood and consultation discussion ...


Thorough, professional, attentive, friendly. Simply, a top-notch service. Indeed, the best I have experienced.


I’m at the start of my journey with TRT, and I couldn’t be more grateful for how positive and reassuring my experience has been.

From my initial discovery chat with Ben, right though to my consult ...


Great customer support, advice and optional WhatsApp group with other patients along with nutrition and medical support. All in one package price is included.


Very friendly and efficient. The staff phone, email and text when they say thay are going to. Very impressed with everything they offer.


Always prompt and helpful, no issues whatsoever! Lovely team, who strive to deliver a great service in my experience.


The Alphagenix team really are experts in knowledge on males health. Answering my questions with ease and great detail. I’m now 7 weeks into my TRT journey and the resulting benefits have been incredible. ...


Very good service, as hands-on or off as you would like, but with regular check-ins, blood samples and ongoing assessment, with doctors and highly efficient and prompt support staff. The treatment has been l ...


After researching TRT for around a year I was delighted to come across Alphagenix and the opportunity to have a Doctor supervised treatment. The service and communication has been excellent from my day one i ...


First class, efficient, friendly service from start to finish. Could not fault the experience.


Alphagenix have been very helpful from initial enquiry, I have just had my doctors consultation and he was very helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions, I did not feel rushed at any point. Wo ...


I am about to start a long journey with the company and I feel great and well welcomed. I had a very lovely conversation with one of the doctors and I can tell straight away that I am on very good hands. I l ...


At the end of last year I was desperately trying to contact all of the leading clinics and private Dr’s who had experience in TRT to help me, as from doing my own research and having my own blood tests I k ...


I discovered Ross and Alphagenix through a friend and was really unaware what to expect. I turned 40 years old and thought it was a good idea to give myself a health check. Having had symptoms of low testost ...


Really efficient service with a hugely educational wrap around care. I really wasn’t expecting the marked improvements in my well being so quickly. More alert, more energy and feeling much more positive, I ...


The whole experience I have had with Alphagenix has been second to none. The personal touches they give just makes all the difference, treated as an individual rather than just a number, which is very rare t ...


An amazing experience with Alphagenix, Ross & the team give phenomenal support and they have genuinely changed my life. I feel 18 again after years of feeling sluggish and fed up.


A very professional and very efficient company, the whole process is quick and easy and the staff are very helpful and friendly to boot! I felt in good hands through the whole experience and would highly rec ...


I am more than happy with the level of care I have received from Alphagenix so far, it’s reassuring to know I am part of a group who also experience the same problems as I do and the support group is a fan ...


Great communications from the team and overall the customer service has been fantastic. Delivery of medication and aftercare have certainly exceeded expectations.


Alphagenix were extremely professional & helpful from the off right through to results assessment & any proposed treatment. Everything was explained clearly throughout the process with excellent cust ...

Medical Team Information

Medical Team

All of our doctors are provided by BMP Medical Ltd and:

  • Are UK trained and registered with the General Medical Council.
  • Have passed full background checks, interviews with our clinical lead and detailed training.
  • Continue to work within the NHS.
  • Receive ongoing clinical and educational support.
  • Work closely with us to improve and develop our service.
  • Have weekday, weekend and evening availability.
  • Allocate sufficient appointment time to discuss your blood results, treatment plan and health goals.
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