Why Alphagenix?

At Alphagenix we are passionate about improving the quality of life for men nationwide through education, investigation, diagnosis and the treatment of low testosterone levels.

Our co-founder Ross was first diagnosed in his early thirties with low levels and so has first-hand experience of how it can affect everyday life.

“I first started having symptoms when I was 32, although the full extent of my imbalance wasn’t discovered for a few years”

“Initially my main symptoms were aching joints and a complete lack of focus, my brain felt foggy and I remember one day at its peak, I couldn’t even speak coherently as my thoughts were all jumbled up. I felt 52 rather than my age and this was obviously affecting my personal life as well as work. Blood Tests at my GP revealed some very unusual results and I was referred to an Endocrinologist who diagnosed Hypothyroidism and prescribed medication. Unfortunately, this worsened my symptoms but when I discussed this with my Doctor he suggested that perhaps my symptoms were “all in my head”.

Furious, I searched for a private physician with an interest in Men’s Health and luckily found one in London, who after a 60-minute appointment suggested I had low Testosterone and an Iodine deficiency. This diagnosis was confirmed via tests within days and I began my first Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), a gel and an Iodine Supplement. I now felt about 40.

Next, he suggested some lifestyle changes including a specific diet, and within a matter of weeks I was running up and down the stairs and felt in my twenties again. Fast forward 11 years, my clarity and focus is 100%, I have a beautiful family and on a business level I’ve started 6 companies, sold 4 and acquired another 6. I’m still on TRT (I now inject), I’ve climbed mountains on 6 continents and feel stronger and fitter than when I was in my twenties.

Earlier this year I realised that I rarely shared my hormonal journey which made me think, how many other men out there are not sharing their stories, or worse, not receiving the help they need and the seed was planted for Alphagenix”

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The Alphagenix Clinical Team

  • Dr. Max Draper

    Dr. Max Draper

    Dr. Max is our lead clinician at Alphagenix, he is a qualified doctor and passionate about Men’s Health.

    Prior to joining the company, he worked as a GP in the NHS for 8 years. Following his own struggles with Low Testosterone, he went on a mission to educate himself on testosterone deficiency, helping other males like himself get diagnosis, education and treatment. Max loves to share his knowledge and personal experiences within the men’s health scene, even starting ‘Max your T’ podcast and Instagram page.

    Outside of his work, Max has a strong interest in health and wellness – he loves to keep fit, socialise and spend time with his 2 children and wife, Katy.

  • Bernhard Willis

    Bernhard Willis

    Dr Willis qualified in 1967 at Leeds University Medical School and after the required hospital appointments he became a general practitioner.

    During 1990’s Bernard became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome brought on by a viral infection and was forced to take some time off work.

    During that absence he researched and cured himself of the condition using natural lifestyle changes, nutrition, hormones and supplements. It was then that he realised that implementing nutritional therapies meant that he could treat his patients often without pharmaceutical drugs and their inevitable side effects. Over the next 20 years, he attended many courses on integrative and holistic medicine, hormone restoration in ageing men and practised these disciplines widely in his clinics in both the UK and Spain.

    His interests include nutrition and dietary therapy, herbal treatments, bio-identical hormone restoration, healthy ageing, nutritional therapy for chronic diseases such as CFS, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, plus the male menopause and cancer.

  • Dr. Andrew Winge MD

    Dr. Andrew Winge MD

    Dr. Andrew Winge MD is our lead clinician at Alphagenix’ UAE branch, he is also a board certified EM & FM doctor over in the U.S.

    Andrew graduated from the Uniformed Services University medical school in 2000 with a commission in the US Air Force. He then completed a three-year Family & Emergency Medicine residency. Dr. Winge remains board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He has also completed Physician Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine through the Cenegenics Foundation. Dr. Winge runs Man Medicine Health Clinic for Men over in the U.S and YouTube Channel.

    Outside of his work, Andrew loves spending time with his family and being a father to his young son. He is a BJJ black belt and loves coaching, training, and teaching jiu-jitsu.

The Alphagenix Business Team

  • Ross Tomkins

    Ross Tomkins

    Author, Investor and qualified Physiotherapist; Ross has over 20-years of experience in the field of healthcare and has a vision of improving health and wellbeing worldwide.

    A life-long learner, he firmly believes there is a strong relationship between spirituality and leadership that is rarely discussed. He meditates and journals most days, loves walking in nature and believes that business and leadership is about Inspiration, Co-Creation and Empowerment. In addition to Alphagenix, he owns and operates Normedica, Salutaris and Beacon.

    Normedica offers Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals worldwide, Salutaris People provides Covid Testing and Business Solutions nationwide whilst Beacon Homecare Services currently provide Domiciliary Care in the North of England.

  • Ben Paglia

    Ben Paglia

    Ben is also the Managing Director and founder of AKEA Life; the UKs first fully private concierge doctor service and Co-founder of Salutaris People.

    He has 10 years of experience as a senior manager in sales and marketing with a large pharmaceutical company and studied as a lawyer before changing course into sales. He has a proven track record in leadership, business development and sales delivery, as well as being passionate about innovation and home/life balance in the workplace.

    Outside of work he focuses his energy on his wonderful family and his health and fitness with the odd round of golf thrown in for good measure.

  • Joanne Tomkins

    Joanne Tomkins

    Finance Director

    Joanne and her husband and Co-founder, Ross Tomkins, teamed up in 2021 to set up Alphagenix in aid of helping men with low testosterone nationwide.

    With years of experience in the healthcare industry, the successful partnership also co-own a wider group of successful healthcare businesses.

    Joanne is passionate about providing an outstanding service to satisfy customers’ needs and address their challenges.

    By assembling a bank of professionals to support customers, Joanne is pleased to be able to offer a high quality and knowledgeable service to health and care-related businesses.

  • Saskia Hender

    Saskia Hender

    Senior Account Manager

    Saskia joined Alphagenix in 2022 as Account Manager and soon progressed to Senior Account Manager after great success.

    With 10 years experience in customer service and hospitality, Saskia takes great pride in ensuring patient and business needs are developed and delivered with attentive care, communication and organisational skills. A Ba (Hons) degree in Business with Finance from Liverpool John Moores University provides Saskia with the right tools and knowledge to maintain every-day operations at a premium level.

    Outside of work Saskia focuses her energy on friends and family, originally from Wales, she enjoys working on health and fitness and spending time outdoors.

  • Steve Coles

    Steve Coles

    Commercial Lead

    Our Commercial Lead Steve is a seasoned professional with an impressive 19-year tenure in the heart of London’s financial district.

    Steve’s career has taken him through diverse roles within the finance industry, including equity markets, foreign exchange, and real estate fund raising. With such extensive experience, he has become an expert in relationship management, go-to-market strategies, and establishing fruitful commercial partnerships. With a focus on growth, Steve will be helping to drive the global roll out of the Alphagenix brand.

    Beyond the world of finance, Steve is a tech enthusiast who keeps a finger on the pulse of technological advancements. He also maintains a healthy lifestyle by staying active and fit. In his leisure time, you can often find him enjoying a friendly (sometimes) game of pool or snooker, showcasing his competitive spirit.

  • Ruby McCambridge

    Ruby McCambridge

    Marketing Manager

    Ruby is our experienced Marketing Manager who joined us in 2024 to lead our marketing strategies and development.

    Ruby has almost a decade of marketing experience, having achieved her Business with Marketing Management degree not far from Alphagenix HQ here in Newcastle. Since graduating, Ruby has worked with a huge range of business, from global retailers to software start-ups. With a focus on social media and SEO management, Ruby is helping Alphagenix reach wider audiences than ever.

    In her free time, Ruby enjoys trying new recipes in the kitchen, going on hikes in nature, and gaming with her friends.

  • Jayanne Holmes

    Jayanne Holmes

    Junior Account Manager

    Jayanne joined Alphagenix in 2023 and is a valued team member, ensuring patients are taken care of with full attentiveness.

    Formerly working in the NHS as a medical administrator and dispensing assistant, Jayanne has years of experience in healthcare. She is passionate about helping people and ensures operations are run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Top customer service and organisation is at the forefront of everything she does.

    Outside of work, Jayanne loves cooking and being creative with art. She focuses on health and fitness and spending time with her son.

  • Blue Tomkins

    Blue Tomkins

    Happiness Leader

    Blue is a beautiful Golden Retriever and has been head of happiness at Alphagenix since the beginning.

    Blue is another member of the Tomkins family and has 4 and a half years experience in bringing happiness & love to those around her.

    She enjoys long walks, people, cuddly toys and receiving lots of treats and attention during her weekly office visits.

Medical Team Information

Medical Team

All of our doctors are provided by BMP Medical Ltd and:

  • Are UK trained and registered with the General Medical Council.
  • Have passed full background checks, interviews with our clinical lead and detailed training.
  • Continue to work within the NHS.
  • Receive ongoing clinical and educational support.
  • Work closely with us to improve and develop our service.
  • Have weekday, weekend and evening availability.
  • Allocate sufficient appointment time to discuss your blood results, treatment plan and health goals.
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