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Welcome to our resource dedicated to London related testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). You'll find addresses of all the clinics, details of the plans available to you and some (hopefully) useful information about why your testosterone might be at suboptimal levels if you live in the London.

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Our network or blood testing centres are spread throughout London, you'll never be too far away.

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Our Optimal hormone screening plan, which also tests for IGF1 and Homocysteine, is only available in London.

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London Calling

As a Londoner you will be coping with specific factors which may be inhibiting your testosterone levels.

Guide to Testosterone Replacement Therapy in London

As I am quite sure you’ve read in every other online article about testesterone – levels begin to decline naturally after the age of 30.

There are loads of ways you can help to arrest this. Lifestyle, your diet, your sleep patterns, supplements. They’ll help but if you have found this page I know two things about you;

  1. You live in or around London.
  2. You are not interested in pussyfooting around – you are ready to go nuclear.

Nothing restores testosterone quite like the perfect medically supervised dose of synthetic testosterone.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

To diagnose low testosterone, our doctors will need to conduct a detailed evaluation starting with a physical examination, and analysis of your medical history. If, in their medical opinion, there is reason to suspect low testosterone, you would then take a blood test. Note: you can learn a lot more about the process in our extended UK TRT page.

You can view the list of our London clinics below. We will help you book an appointment at the most appropriate clinic, you will have your bloods drawn by a professional, and not through a finger prick test you’d then send through the post. This means we can test for far more biomarkers whilst being confident in the results.

Our hormone screening packages are also shown below.

London TRT Clinic Location Map

Click on the Clinic markers on the map below to show the address and a link to directions to help you get there.

List of London TRT Clinics with Directions

Clinic Name Address Postcode Directions
Superdrug Nurse Clinic The Strand49-50 The Strand, LondonWC2N 5LLGet Directions
Effect Doctors11 Greek Street, LondonW1D 4DJGet Directions
The Doctors Laboratory76 Wimpole Street, LondonW1G 9RTGet Directions
RothleysFitzrovia Hospital, 13-14 Fitzroy Square, LondonWIT 6AHGet Directions
Medpro Aesthetics104 Harley Street, LondonW1G 7JDGet Directions
Harley Street Polyclinic104 Harley Street, LondonW1G 7JDGet Directions
Superdrug Nurse Clinic Marble Arch508-520 Oxford Street, LondonW1C 1NBGet Directions
Get A Drip - Shoreditch BoxparkGround floor Unit 4 and 5, Boxpark, Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, LondonE1 6GYGet Directions
Medpro Aesthetics59 Leighton Road, Kentish Town, LondonNW5 2QHGet Directions
BMI The London Independent Hospital1 Beaumont Square, Stepney Green, LondonE1 4NLGet Directions
Superdrug Nurse Clinic Shepherds Bush92-94 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, LondonW12 8LRGet Directions
Get A Drip - Westfield White CityGround floor Kiosk 2210, Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush, LondonW12 7GFGet Directions
Rejuvence Clinic797 Commercial Road, Limehouse, LondonE14 7HGGet Directions
Lyca Health Canary Wharf1 West Ferry Circus, Canary Wharf, LondonE14 4HDGet Directions
Superdrug Nurse Clinic Hammersmith65-69 King Street, Exchange Shopping Centre, Hammersmith, LondonW6 9HXGet Directions
Get A Drip - Canary Wharf2nd floor Unit R 1 300, Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, LondonE14 4QTGet Directions
Superdrug Nurse Clinic Putney ExchangeSU6 Unit B Ground Floor, Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney, LondonSW15 1TWGet Directions
Get A Drip - Westfield StratfordGround Floor 103A, The Gallery, Westfield Stratford City, Montfichet Road, LondonE20 1EPGet Directions
Superdrug Nurse Clinic91-92 The Mall, Stratford Shopping Centre, Stratford, LondonE15 1XQGet Directions
The Blackheath Hospital - Circle Health Group40-42 Lee Terrace, LondonSE3 9UDGet Directions

Doing a hormone screen is a good opportunity to evaluate other biomarkers. We have three hormone packages. Our most advanced package is only available in London, and includes analysis of Insulin-like growth factor 1 and Homocysteine

Our hormone screening packages are shown below.

Our advanced blood tests are available nationwide (for gentleman across England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) and are the perfect starting point to assess if you have a Hormone Deficiency.

Phlebotomy can be carried out from the comfort of your own home / place of work or at a nearby partner clinic (200+ partner clinics).

Results are available within 3 working days.

All advanced tests are followed up by an online consultation (phone or video) with our expert clinicians to review results and best advise.


Hormone Screen

Most Popular


Our most widely used test.

  • 41 different markers including Testosterone, LH, FSH & Oestrogen
  • Red and White Blood Cells
  • Thyroid, Liver and Kidney function
  • Proteins
  • Diabetes and Cholestorol
  • Iron
  • PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)

Already have a set of blood results?


If you are switching clinic or already have your own set of valid lab results we can review them during an online consultation (phone or video call) with a Specialist TRT Clinician.

We accept external blood results as long as they are dated within 1 month and contain the following biomarkers;

  • Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Oestradiol, FSH, LH, Prolactin, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
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Does London have a Testosterone Problem?

All other things being equal, why would a man’s testosterone levels be lower in London? We’ve put together a few good reasons;

  • We suffer from more pollution in London.
  • Londoners have to deal with more stress.
  • Men in London get less exercise.
  • Londoners booze more.
  • Londoners sleep less.

Air Pollution

Recently we have seen the expansion of the ULEZ scheme, so efforts are being made to to reduce pollution in London.

Whether you agree with ULEZ or not, something had to be done. Work by King’s College London showed that areas in central London often breach the annual mean limit set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for NO2 concentrations. And a study on London’s particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) levels conducted by The Environmental Health Group showed that, although improved over the last decade, levels still surpass those in other major UK cities such as Liverpool, Newcastle, and Belfast.

A densely packed population, extensive road traffic, and concentrated industrial activities collectively contribute to a relatively more polluted environment.

What effect does this have on testosterone levels?.

It doesn’t help, that’s for sure. Multiple studies suggest that pollutants, especially particulate matters (PM2.5 and PM10), can disrupt the body’s endocrine functions, leading to a decline in serum testosterone. These particulates can carry heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are suspected to interfere with the production of testosterone.

Compounds in polluted air can trigger oxidative stress, leading to a cascade of cellular disturbances in the testes and consequently reducing testosterone synthesis.(1, 2)

London is Fun … But Stressful

London performs well in subjective happiness scores. Earning over £80K a year certainly seems to help.

According to the Office for National Statistics, Londoners have historically been more anxious and unhappy than anywhere in the UK (source), with those aged 45 to 64 most likely to be unhappy.

For those paying attention … that’s also the age range where testosterone decline is most apparent.

The relationship between stress and testosterone is well known. Several studies have demonstrated that chronic anxiety can lead to diminished testosterone levels in men, because stress elevates cortisol production, and cortisol suppresses testosterone synthesis.

People in London get less exercise

Public Health England, “Physical activity: Applying All Our Health” (2019) (source)

A report which concluded people living in London are less likely to meet the recommended levels of physical activity than those in other regions of England. The report suggests that this may be due in part to factors such as high population density, limited access to green spaces, and busy lifestyles.

Sport England, “Active Lives Adult Survey: May 2019/20 Report” (source)

This survey found that people living in London were less likely to meet the recommended levels of physical activity than contemporaries living in other parts of England. The report points at factors such as high levels of commuting and a lack of time for leisure activities.

NHS Digital, “Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet: England, 2021” (source)

This report found that people living in London were less likely to meet the recommended levels of physical activity than those living in other regions of England. This report reasons that it could be due to factors such as the high cost of gym memberships and a lack of access to safe and convenient outdoor spaces.

Exercise & Testosterone

This comprehensive review in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research(source) explored multiple studies done on exercise and testosterone.

The text explains that both acute and long-term resistance training can elevate testosterone levels. Aerobic and cardio exercises activities have beneficial effects on testosterone, but resistance training stands out as being particularly effective for boosting testosterone.

Step 2: Our TRT Packages

  • The Aspire plan: £145 per month. This is for patients who are prescribed well-established tablets. On the Aspire plan we conduct routine bloods after 3 months, then every 6 months for the duration of treatment.
  • The Mid-Tier plan: £185 per month . This is for patients who are prescribed certain Injections, Cream or Gel. Routine bloods are tested after 6 weeks, then every 3 months for the duration of treatment.
  • The Alpha plan: £245 per month. This is our most popular plan. This plan is for patients who opt for Premium Injections. Routine bloods are tested at 6 weeks, then every 3 months for duration of treatment.

All packages enjoy the following benefits;

  • ALL scheduled appointments with the doctor.
  • ALL relevant medication.
  • ALL medical equipment required.
  • ALL routine blood tests and clinic visits for blood draws.
  • ALL prescription issuing fees and delivery of medication.
  • PLUS 7-day a week support from our private WhatsApp group including health coaches, nutritional therapist, personal trainer, midlife mentor and high performance mindset coach.
  • PLUS free online video sessions with our certified PT (exercise, nutrition & health coach).
  • PLUS unlimited support calls and admin team support from your designated Account Manager.
  • PLUS monthly newsletter access with company updates, events and offers.
  • PLUS a free monthly subscription to Mental Health App Leafyard

In addition a range of Benefits from our Partners including;

  • 10% discount on private GP services from our partner company AKEALIFE
  • 15% discount on all blue blocker glasses, saunas and biohacks at Bon Charge
  • 15% discount on health tests, products and supplements with DAM Health
  • 10% discount on personalised DNA & Ancestry testing and reports with SelfDecode


  1. Cumming, D.C., Quigley, M.E., & Yen, S.S. (1983). Acute suppression of circulating testosterone levels by cortisol in men. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 57(3), 671-673.
  2. Lennartsson, A.K., Kushnir, M.M., Bergquist, J., & Jonsdottir, I.H. (2012). DHEA and DHEA-S response to acute psychosocial stress in healthy men and women. Biological psychology, 90(2), 143-149.
  3. Sapolsky, R.M. (1985). Stress-induced suppression of testicular function in the wild baboon: Role of glucocorticoids. Endocrinology, 116(6), 2273-2278.
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