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UK TRT Supported by a UK trained and GMC registered medical team, we are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

The New You

Don't settle for being tired all the time. Let Alphagenix reignite your motivation and help you to recover your health and fitness.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Optimal hormones contribute to an optimal quality of life. Rediscover your vigour and start enjoying life to the full again.

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Alphagenix - The Process

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(The Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Males (ADAM) questionnaire was originally published by JE Morley in 2000, and was designed to screen for the symptoms of low testosterone or testosterone deficiency in males before laboratory testing). Answer YES or NO to each of the following questions:

Testosterone Booster Guide !!

End the suffering from mental fog, lack of clarity, low sex drive and diminishing muscle mass. This FREE guide will show you the PROVEN methods to help you feel stronger, fitter & happier.


Stronger, Fitter, Faster

Become part of a likeminded team plus access our team of nutritional therapists, mindset and health coaches.


Improved focus and mind

Appropriate treatment can lead to an improved connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit - ensuring harmony between all aspects of your life.


A healthier and happier you

Periodic blood tests and consultations will ensure you are always feeling your best.

Medical Team Information

Medical Team

All of our doctors are provided by BMP Medical Ltd and:

  • Are UK trained and registered with the General Medical Council.
  • Have passed full background checks, interviews with our clinical lead and detailed training.
  • Continue to work within the NHS.
  • Receive ongoing clinical and educational support.
  • Work closely with us to improve and develop our service.
  • Have weekday, weekend and evening availability.
  • Allocate sufficient appointment time to discuss your blood results, treatment plan and health goals.

I started with Alphagenix back in January 2022 after going through a couple of years of struggling with all of the symptoms of low testosterone… loss of muscle, gaining weight, very low mood and terrible motivation.

I was still taking myself to the gym 5+ times a week and playing sport, but finding myself not enjoying it anymore and it being painful.

I tested with Alphagenix and my testosterone levels came back low. Ross and the team quickly got me on the right path. I played my part and got disciplined with diet & nutrition, back to a detailed training plan and worked on my sleep and environment.

After months of hard work and beginning TRT, I got back to where I needed to be.

Thanks Team Alphagenix for rescuing my mental health and turning me around.

Alphagenix Patient, January 2022 – Present

Testimonial - Before


Testimonial - After


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