5 Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels

As men age their testosterone levels will drop, with men over 40 years old experiencing a 1-2% drop each year (Source: Harvard Health). Whilst this is totally natural there are some unwanted side effects for many men that still want to keep fit and healthy as they get older. Side effects include brain fog, lower libido, decreased muscle mass and higher levels of irritability – just to name a few.

Whilst Alphagenix specialises in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for those with medically low testosterone, there are some steps you can take at home before it comes to that. Below we’ve listed supplements recommended by the experts here at Alphagenix to help boost your testosterone.


1. Fenugreek

This is a popular herb-based option and was the first booster that Alphagenix Co-Founder, Ross Tomkins, personally recommended after he started taking it in his early thirties.

A study in 2019 from PubMed Central found that a daily dose of 500mg of fenugreek boosted participants testosterone levels by up to 46% – a huge difference in just 12 weeks. Participants also reported a higher sex drive in those 12 weeks when compared to the control group.

And if that wasn’t enough, as a little bonus benefit fenugreek seeds also contain anti-inflammatory compounds like flavonoid antioxidants, which can help reduce symptoms of certain inflammatory conditions like asthma.


2. Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that contributes to over 100 chemical processes within your body – including fighting bacteria and viruses, and repairing wounds. But it’s also an important ingredient in testosterone production and vital for maintaining sperm quality.

You can naturally consume more zinc by making sure you’re getting enough meats, seafood, beans, nuts and dairy products in your diet. But if you feel like you aren’t getting enough zinc naturally, you can also purchase supplements.

The recommended daily zinc intake for men is 11mg. But be careful you aren’t taking too much as overconsumption can lead to some pretty inconvenience side effects such as nausea, cramps, and headaches.


3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to maintain healthy bones and protect your immune system. But studies have also found a link to testosterone levels.

In one yearlong study from PubMed Central, researchers split 65 men into 2 groups, one of which took 3,300 IU of vitamin D daily. The supplement group’s vitamin D levels doubled in this time and their testosterone levels increased by around 20%, from 10.7 nmol/L to 13.4 nmol/L.

The best way to get more vitamin D is by ensuring you’re getting some sun exposure, so get outside whilst the sun is shining. If you live in the UK or similar climates you might want to consider purchasing vitamin D supplements in the winter to ensure you’re still getting your recommended 4000 IU per day.


4. Ginger

Ginger is a popular spice as it has a whole range of benefits, including reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels; But other studies have suggested it can also boost testosterone.

It does this by increasing blood flow to the testicles. And, if you hadn’t already guessed, having healthy testicles is vital to having optimum testosterone levels no matter what your age is.

One study published by the National Library of Medicine demonstrated a 17% increase in testosterone levels and a 16% increase in sperm count. More research is needed, however eating ginger is a safe (and delicious) practice and provides numerous health benefits on top of those listed above.


5. Garlic

Another delicious item to add to your shopping list, and an incredibly beneficial one too. Garlic is known for helping fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, and protect against chronic disease. However, evidence suggests it’s also linked to testosterone levels and sexual performance (providing your partner doesn’t mind the smell).

Garlic can increase nitric oxide levels, a compound that helps blood vessels dilate to promote better blood flow. This gives a similar effect to ginger – improving blood flow which can help erectile function.

Other studies have also suggested that garlic can improve fertility in men, although further research needs to be performed before we can confirm this for certain. Either way, there’s a tonne of other health benefits and almost no downside to consuming garlic, so there’s no harm in giving it a go.


All men face lowering testosterone levels as they age, it’s only natural. However, 1 in every 4 men suffer from medically low testosterone, causing decreased muscle mass and sex drive, lack of motivation, increased brain fog, and much more.

At Alphagenix we specialise in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for those 1 in 4 men facing medically low testosterone. If you can relate to some of the symptoms we listed above, maybe it’s time to book in your free no-obligation consultation with the Alphagenix Team where we can discuss your symptoms and recommend next steps.