4 Easy Natural Testosterone Hacks

1. Eat Smarter

Our modern fast paced lifestyle is often associated with modern fast processed food with minimal nutritional value.

Numerous studies have linked such poor dietary choices to lower testosterone levels so Eat Smarter. Think sweet potato, kale, eggs and brazil nuts rather than chips, pizza and chocolate.

2. Exercise Smarter

Weight lifting and strength training is often associated with testosterone but try adding a HIIT session or two. By producing short-term oxidative stress and stimulating growth hormones, you’ll increase your metabolic rate which continues burning fat for hours after the session.

3. Stop Drinking (Alcohol)

This of course is great for many reasons but testosterone is a big one. Alcohol reduces your Testosterone Levels as Ethanol lowers the amount of NAD+ in the liver and testes which is a coenzyme responsible for testosterone production.

4. Lose Weight

Belly fat secretes an enzyme called Androlase that converts testosterone into oestrogen. Losing the belly fat should therefore increase your confidence, boost your libido and crucially, get your testosterone soaring